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Dr. José Carlos
Martins Da Rosa

Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration 1-Day Seminar

Friday, February 8, 2019

Mahwah, NJ, USA

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR) 3-Day Hands-On Immersion

May 31 to June 2, 2019

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Become a better clinician through higher learning

Our mission of inspiration is right in our name. We host the giants in our industry; the clinicians and specialists who write the books, undertake the research, and develop the protocols we all use, so they can inspire you, too.

We believe that continuing dental education is key to empowering passionate dentists and dental technicians.

Register for the Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR) 3-Day Immersive course, taught by Dr. José Carlos Martins da Rosa and benefit from the highest standard of advanced dental education.


Video Testimonials

Our Testimonials


“This is one of the most outstanding courses I’ve ever been to. Not only all the information you get, but the hands on is beyond reproach. They take every person personally. It’s the best hands on I’ve ever been to; thank you guys, you guys are great.”

General Dentist - Sarasota, FL

“I’ve been a periodontist for 40 years, and, in all that time this is one of the finest courses I’ve ever taken for both technique and science and I highly recommend it to anybody.”

Periodontist - Grand Junction, CO

“One of the great things about this course is it shows you how to place implants at the time of dental extraction in a predictable way; and they’ve show the results to be superior.”

General Dentist - Yorkville, IL

“I’ve been placing and restoring implants on patients for 20 plus years, but, I’ve always felt there’s maybe better way, a faster way, to get my patients from a fractured non-restorable tooth to an implant; and this course has delivered that in spades.”

General Dentist - Kerrville, Texas

“The hands on practical portion that will have me taking infected teeth, grafting, making a provisional, placing the implant, all in one visit will drastically reduce treatment times for my patients; making a happier result. It’s a fantastic course.”

General Dentist - Greenville, TX

“This is one of the most comprehensive implant immediate restoration courses that I’ve seen. I must say that the hands on portion was absolutely fantastic and I’m really going home with a lot interesting and new ideas to bring to my practice. Thank you.”

General Dentist - Toronto, ON

This course has been totally mind blowing. It is totally changing the way I am going to be thinking and approaching dentistry; implant dentistry, that is. Absolutely fantastic, unbelievable; I recommend it to anyone.

General Dentist - Oakpark, IL

This is an amazing course. Dr. Rosa presented a significant amount of information and research regarding how to use implants, that accomplishes better results than any other technique you can use at this time. So I highly recommend it and hope that in the future you can find the same that I’ve gotten from this course. Thank you.

Periodontist - Jacksonville, NC

I came out here for the course; amazing, a game changer. It is phenomenal which you guys are doing. To be able to get the tissue result that you’re getting, to have a technique that’s reproducible, to have results that are 10 years old and predictable; that is amazing.

General Dentist - Seattle, WA

I must say that my expectation, I just wanted to learn how to get some better primary stability with implants in immediate extraction sockets and I was completely blown away with the amount of information and the hands on and the technical material that the IDR team provided us. It’s nothing short of amazing.

General Dentist