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Dr. José Carlos Martins Da Rosa

Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR)

3-Day Hands-On Immersion Program

February 27, 28 and 29, 2020

Location: TBD
Toronto ON

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Become a better clinician through training

Our mission of inspiration is right in our name. We host the giants in our industry; the clinicians and specialists who write the books, undertake the research, and develop the protocols we all use, so they can inspire you, too.

We believe that continuing dental education is key to empowering passionate dentists and dental technicians.

Register for the Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR) 3-Day Hands-On Immersion Program, taught by Dr. José Carlos Martins da Rosa and benefit from the highest standard of advanced continual dental education.

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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”
– Sir Isaac Newton

Video Testimonials

Our Testimonials

  • “This course has been totally mind blowing. It is totally changing the way I am going to be thinking and approaching dentistry; implant dentistry, that is. Absolutely fantastic, unbelievable; I recommend it to anyone.”
    Dr. John Perna
    General Dentist - Oakpark, IL
  • “This is an amazing course. Dr. Rosa presented a significant amount of information and research regarding how to use implants, that accomplishes better results than any other technique you can use at this time. So I highly recommend it and hope that in the future you can find the same that I’ve gotten from this course. Thank you.”
    Dr. Jose Arauz-Dutari
    Periodontist - Jacksonville, NC
  • “I came out here for the course; amazing, a game changer. It is phenomenal which you guys are doing. To be able to get the tissue result that you’re getting, to have a technique that’s reproducible, to have results that are 10 years old and predictable; that is amazing.”
    Dr. David B. Silver
    General Dentist - Seattle, WA